X2 Photo specialise in working with families with a child who has special needs of any description. Both Dean & Richard have personal and professional experience working in this environment as you can see from the testimonials below. Patience and understanding being key to making this an enjoyable experience for the whole family. Please feel free to contact us if you have any specific questions or requirements in advance. A wheelchair accessible private venue in Leeds is available by booking in on one of our Special Needs family days.

little_hiccups_logoLittle Hiccups is a support group for families who have children with special needs or disabilities. We organise a family fun day every month and chose to book X2 Photo for one such event. It proved to be a popular event and the feedback from the day from  the families was absolutely glowing. A number of families had told us that they had never booked a photoshoot for their children before as they were worried about being able to relax. After the event, the reports that we had were that this was never felt to be a problem with X2 Photo. The photographers were experienced, patient and managed to capture the best shots of each family. Every single person went away happy. We’ll definitely be using them again!

Little Hiccupshttp://www.littlehiccups.co.uk

We had such a fun time at the photoshoot. The kids loved it. The photographer obviously knew how to engage children to get the best shots out of them that expressed their individual personalities. I think my biggest problem is going to be narrowing down which ones to put on the wall!

Miriam Watson

We loved it! Thanks so much for phoning me to say someone had dropped out. Dragging my 13 year old out of bed was hilarious…for us anyway ;)

Even though we weren’t really prepared for the shoot (make up is a must but didn’t have time for that!), it was lovely to capture both my beautiful boys, complete with bed hair and hoodies and all teeth in tact!

Loved everything about it. We were slightly nervous because Owen hates having his picture taken but we needn’t have worried, everyone involved were so friendly and put us at ease as soon as we walked in.

We can’t wait to receive the disc!!!

Thank you again!

Angela, Alfie and Owen

We enjoyed the whole experience, the photographer was very patient with Rhys and even allowed him to take some photos of us as he kept asking to!! As a special needs parent I always worry people will be impatient with Rhys but he was great, so please pass this onto him!